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 Potato and Mushroom Stew

With EasyCook
Recipe #4 from our special recipe series.
  • 5 Potatoes, cut into 4
  • ½ Onion, halved
  • 300g Mushrooms, sliced
  • 3 cups Lukewarm water
  • Mix 2 cups Lukewarm water with 2 tbsp Tomato paste, 1 tbsp Canola oil, 1 tbsp Sweet paprika, 1 tbsp Ras el-hanout
1. Place all the ingredients in the EasyCook pot and stir well. Close the lid and set the cooke on PRO on 140*c for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Start the program.
2. When the program ends, carefully open the lid and serve.
Bon Appetit!
By the way, the EasyCook has a heat preservation function that starts automatically after the cooking process is over. To finish and turn off the function, press and hold the "Warm/Cancel" button. The cooker will display all the programs, and the heating process will be over.

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